SkillTrack! is a learning application that supports the practice, development and self-assessment of 21st Century or Transversal Skills (e.g. collaboration, communication, creativity, problem-solving) in schools, higher education or the corporate space by bringing together innovative pedagogy and supportive technology.

These skills, believed to be critically important to both students and employees, are articulated, defined and considered foundational in cultures of growth learning. Global focus has turned towards the regulation, standardisation and measurement of these skills however student/employee understanding of these skills is not being addressed. There is a demand for assessment of the skills without the pre-requisite focus on the ‘teaching,’ ‘learning’ and ‘doing’ of the skills.

SkillTrack! addresses this challenge by supporting expectations around these skills and their development by cultivating skill-literacy, cognition and reflection while creating an explicit, gamified, context for use.

What Problem does it Solve
The focus on students to acquire ‘21st Century Skills’ is increasingly impacting on teaching practice, curriculum design and delivery. However, such higher order skills have traditionally been very difficult to assess.
At the same time, new technologies offer new and innovative learning opportunities for students which can help promote higher order skills e.g. Social, Informal, Non-Formal, Adaptive and Gamification.
This project will address the problem of ‘assessment’ for 21st Century Skills where technology can be/is being used to promote learning innovation.

Potential Application

• Commercialisation of ‘platform’ to support assessment of 21st Century Skills.
• Enabling industry partners to expand their offerings to include new forms of assessment.
• This technology has application in Irish and Global markets.