ALMANAC is a multimodal software framework designed to provide learners with an engaging and intuitive learning experience incorporating a rich blend of multimedia including textual content, images, videos and animations. ALMANAC provides the learner with access to tailored learning experiences that are dynamically generated based on the learner’s immediate learning needs. The aim of ALMANAC is to generate learning experiences that engage the learner and encourage them to explore topics while at the same time having the information they need at their fingertips when they need it.

What Problem does it Solve?
Application in Commercial Learning

Employees need access to on-demand, point-of-need learning using knowledge resources in the organisation and outside approved open resources on the internet. Almanac delivers personalised articles as a mash-up of internal (organisational) content and curated open source content.

Application in Schools Learning

Students need access to on-demand, bite-sized learning which ideally uses proprietary learning content and curated open content to supplement and enhance the learning affordances of educational publishers’ content and to ensure learner engagement. From the educational publisher’s perspective, Almanac provides opportunities to extract value from the re-use of legacy materials.

Potential Application

• Support informal learning & flipped classroom in second level education
• Point-of-need, adaptive support for corporate learning
• Support for corporate sales teams providing up to the minute point of need resources in the field

  • Personalised Learning Composer: Dynamically recomposes content from multiple sources (publisher and open content) into bite-sized learning personalised to meet the individual’s just-in-time learning needs
  • Content Analysis: Automated analysis of large content repositories to facilitate discovery and reuse of content
  • Learning Analytics Framework: Enables real-time capture and analysis of just-in-time learning analytics