MaPs is an acronym for ’Maturity and Progression series

MaPs is an acronym for ‘Maturity and Progression series’. MaPs is a planned series of guides to help organisations identify and implement best practice in relation to learning technologies and to leverage the associated benefits for their organisation. This project is still in progress, the first phase was a State of the Art report which revealed that the assessment of companies’ maturity levels in learning technologies is already covered by two main organisations. The report revealed a gap in guiding organisations forward from their current maturity level to more effective use of learning technologies and guidance in the main areas of technical affordance. Currently, the academic research of the first guide on adaptive and personalisation affordances is concluding, the second phase of industry engagements is due to start early 2015.

What Problem does it Solve
Adoption and embedding of learning technology in organisations represents a significant investment. However there exists currently no clearly understood framework for evolution in the adoption of learning technologies. This means it is very difficult for organisations using learning technology to see the benefits of evolving to ever more sophisticated and effective methods and approaches of learning practice. Through the aggregation of academic thought leadership, industry best practice and Learnovate experience the MaPs project will provide a series of guides to give direction to companies.

Potential Application
• The Centre will develop a framework for auditing a company’s learning technology capability. Provide guidance in targeted areas such as adaptivity, collaboration etc. Design and develop informed recommendations and paths for change.
• These activity streams will provide private funding sources to the Centre. The development of a knowledge framework will also provide the Centre’s industry members with an opportunity to showcase their solutions to prospective clients.

This project leverages Learnovate’s experience in applying learning technologies, outputs and trials in corporate and K12 settings.