My Pace

My Pace comprises a suite of next-generation learning technologies that support informal learning and harnesses open content. The student portal is designed as a homework help or online study aid for students to supplement their classroom-based learning.
The student portal:
• Delivers personalised learning unique to the student’s needs, preferences and abilities
• Applies novel game-like techniques to motivate and incentivise students
• Supports and develops student problem solving and meta-cognitive skills
• Enables publishers to identify trends in open content usage and gaps in formal content

What Problem does it Solve
Students of all abilities study at different paces and in different ways. Students can range from struggling and average to fast learners. My Pace caters for these different needs scaffolding each learner in a way that best suits them.

Many educational publishers have large repositories of supporting material beyond the content of an individual book. My Pace enables content publishers to reuse and remonetise this learning content.

Students are now digitally savvy and require sophisticated presentations to keep them motivated and engaged. My Pace leverages quality open content sources to enhance the presentation of core curriculum materials.

Potential Application
• Support informal learning and provide scaffolded approach to homework activities
• Promote collaborative learning in the K12 space
• Motivating students through game-like interface

Search: Social search functionality locates relevant publisher and open content personalised to the student’s immediate needs
Recommender: Innovative recommendation tools dynamically update results by retrieving content recommended by students of similar ability
Reflection: A novel reflection tool encourages students to develop their problem solving and meta-cognitive skills by reflecting on what and how they have learned
Community and Rating: Community networks leverage the power of the student group by sharing highly rated content – delivering quality publisher and open content to the student
Activity Ticker: An activity ticker applies novel game-like techniques to increase the student’s social capital, motivating them to participate and keep pace with their peers.