What is it?
A web-based platform to support the flexible and agile configuration of dynamic learning analytics. The platform is designed to provide the stakeholders that rely on learning management systems with rich learning analytics and flexible visualisation tools for improved performance management

What Problem does it solve?
Learning and development managers need to understand how well their training is working. If there are issues, they need to identify are they with the learners or the materials. The analytics from Evade provide such insights and allow fast action to be taken.

Potential Application
The platform’s technologies are easily reconfigurable and can be licensed individually or as a suite of next practice learning technologies that can be integrated with other learning and talent management platforms as a complete solution.

Big Data Management: Provides flexible, non-intrusive technologies for capturing and warehousing big data to deliver enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities
Data Analytics: Offers extensible and customised analytics that can be adapted to meet evolving business requirements
Learning Analytics Dashboard: Delivers intuitive visualisations that support just-in-time learning analytics in real-time for improved performance management