Research Themes

Our members shape the agenda for Learnovate’s core research programme, which is funded by Enterprise Ireland. The topics of our core research projects chosen and approved by members include digital content; games and gamification; interoperability; learning analytics; learning standards and metadata; personalisation; and social networks.

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Digital Content

Addressing the challenges in creating, managing and curating digital content to enhance both learning effectiveness and operational efficiencies


Tailoring the experiences of learners through a range of techniques including: individualised content composition; custom learning paths, and intelligent content discovery

Learning Analytics

Empowering learners and promoting more effective learning by enhancing the understanding of learners, their needs and the impact of learning interventions

Games and Gamification

Motivating and engaging learners through the appropriate application of gaming-related techniques and technologies to enhance learning outcomes


Innovative application of learning standards and metadata to provide richer, more holistic learning experiences through more effective  interoperability

Social Networks

Supporting learners in leveraging the community around them to meet their learning needs. Enabling individuals and organisations to gain new knowledge and insights through analytics