Corporate Portal

The Corporate Portal defines common Learning & Development challenges, describes the type of learning that could address those challenges and the technologies that would enable and leverage that type of learning.

The framework is underpinned by a unified, integrated, ‘one-stop-shop’, portal approach for 70:20:10 corporate learning that enables employees to seamlessly, and without noticing, transition from one type of learning to another in the course of their work and thereby engage in a cycle of continuous workplace learning. The portal is designed to sit on top of existing LMS, seamlessly pulling together assets, communications and access to formal and informal training collateral.

What Problem does it solve?

  • In the modern workplace it is critical to business performance for new employees to reach competency quickly, however this can often be in an environment where the employee is feeling isolated and unsure of their role and position. Corporate Portal provides a scaffolded approach to new-hires providing them with support while at the same time facilitating their path to competency.
  • The 70-20-10 model lets us know that most learning in organisations takes place on the job or informally through colleagues, this tacit knowledge is invaluable to an organisation yet in most cases is left undefined and untapped. The Corporate portal seeks to harness this valuable resource and share it throughout the organisation, delivered to the right people at the right time.
  • Learning repositories can be a daunting task for employees seeking information they need to solve a specific problem at a specific time, the Corporate Portal provides the ability to access ‘chunked’ pieces of learning focused on the task in hand and drawing from both formal and informal resources, to improve point of need learning for employees.

Potential Application

  • Support on-boarding and speed to competency in organisations
  • Support 70:20:10 model for corporate learning
  • Support point-of-need learning for staff
  • Support the capturing and sharing of tacit knowledge across the organisation
  • Support talent management and 360 appraisals for staff
  • Provide better training and motivation to staff


  • Unified Search Facility simultaneously searches across both formal and informal learning repositories within an organisation
  • Adaptive generation of tailored, just in time learning episodes
  • Support Network for each employee customised to their position within the organisation
  • Social learning utilising Communities of Practice, Wikis and Blogs
  • Rating of contributions (as useful/not useful) to enable identification of experts and improve social relevance of contribution and social signal of contributor
  • Dashboard for informal learning analytics to incentivise knowledge sharing, provide objective data for 360° appraisals and provide a Leaderboard of experts.