Tony Riley, CEO of Gotcha Ninjas and Neil Peirce, Technical Lead at the Learnovate Centre have won two of the ten places on the EdTech Ireland Exchange: Games, Apps and Entertainment in STEM Education.
The all-Ireland competition closed last November, it was organised through the US Embassy Dublin and the US Consulate Belfast. Places were allocated based on written applications, shortlisted to an interview panel and final selection.

The ten finalists have a full-on two week trip ahead of them, providing access to leading academic and corporate organisations in the Edtech, Gaming and Stem sectors. The trip will take in the capital Washington, Seattle, Boston and New York.

The busy programme involves engagements with approximately 26 organisations including:
• U.S. Department of State
• National Academy of Sciences
• University of Washington Center for Game Science
• Microsoft
• Bungie Studios
• VALVe Corporation
• BLOSSOMS Project Meeting (MIT)
• MIT Game Lab
• EdLab, Teachers College, Columbia University

For those of us who are feeling just a wee bit envious of Neil and Tony there is one upside. The team of ten is tasked with hosting an event to share their experiences with the wider Irish Edtech sector. Learnovate will be happy to get involved in this process, but at the very least will keep you informed on developments.