Enterprise Ireland’s research and innovation team were the hosts and organisers of this year’s Big Ideas Showcase, which took place yesterday, 28th November, at the impressive Aviva Stadium. The theme for the event was: “New technologies for world markets” and its aim was to provide a showcase for entrepreneurial focused researchers to present their ideas and investment opportunities, and vie for the attention of potential investors and business partners.

Seamus Lawless from our research partner, Centre for Next Generation Localisation (CNGL) at TCD pitched his spinout idea, Emizar. Emizar delivers personalised customer care solutions by combining various sources of content available online across a variety of different languages and presenting them in a personalised way for the individual customer.

Examples of some of the twenty other ‘Big Ideas’ pitched to an estimated 150 potential investors at the event were technologies that can:

  • Raise your IQ
  • Reduce the cost of thoroughbred horse breeding
  • Improve hygiene in hospitals
  • Reduce hot water bills by 50%
  • Prevent thieves from counterfeiting

The event also featured teams from eleven Technology Transfer Offices were on hand to explain what their institution offers industry and why they should be the first choice for research collaborations.

In his address Minster for Research & Innovation, Sean Sherlock TD, spoke about how the Government is striving to create the right environment where publicly-funded research can be turned into commercialisable intellectual property and spin-out companies, which will ultimately lead to the creation of much needed jobs for the Irish economy. As an industry-focussed research centre, this is a really powerful message as it is at the very heart of our mission.

Watch highlights of the Big Ideas Showcase here: