A recent article in the Dublin Globe looked at the Edtech scene in Dublin and identified 5 unique attributes to drive success for Dublin as an EdTech Hub.

  • Commercial Savvy, the rich mix of associations between smart thinking entrepreneurs and established companies to progress ideas into the commercial arena.
  • Noble Passions, Dublin has research legacy in EdTech, research in Dublin has been focused on EdTech for decades.
  • Legacy, aligned to noble passions is legacy, Dublin has competed on the global EdTech scene for over thirty years, with a lot of those same companies still there and innovating the EdTech scene today.
  • International Relations, As an island nation we are no strangers to looking abroad for markets, alliances have been formed with EdTech associations in the US, the UK and elsewhere to promote Dublin as a hub of EdTech innovation and ease the path for emerging players.
  • A Culture of Giving, if you need some advice, just ask! The Edtech scene in Dublin is tight knit and has an attitude of ‘raise all boats’.

We are very pleased to be a part of this community and see so many of our partners referred to in the article.
Of course, Learnovate is focused on the Island of Ireland, but a large proportion of our members are Dublin based.
The article contains a lot more detail and is well worth a read.