Unlock the Future of Learning: The Latest Insights into Generative AI – 22 May 2024

22 May 08:45 – 11:00 GMT

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This event, hosted by the Adapt Centre and Learnovate, will provide an opportunity for educators, researchers, and industry professionals to explore the dynamic interplay between generative artificial intelligence and modern education.  Speakers will examine how tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude are reshaping learning, offering unprecedented personalisation and interactivity in educational experiences.

The programme will feature keynote speakers and an interactive panel discussion.  There will also be demonstrations of cutting-edge research that showcases the practical applications of these groundbreaking technologies and opportunities for networking.

Register early and secure your place at the forefront of educational innovation. There is also an opportunity to ask questions of our panelists in advance when registering.

Keynote – Professor Vinny Wade, ADAPT Centre and Trinity College Dublin

Professor Vinny Wade is a leading figure in the area of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, holding both the Professorial Chair in Computer Science since 1990 and a personal Professorial Chair in Artificial Intelligence at Trinity College Dublin.  He has made significant contributions to research in web-based personalisation and AI-driven adaptive technologies.  He played a pivotal role in the establishment and leadership of the ADAPT Centre which has become internationally recognised under his direction.  He also founded the Learnovate Centre in 2010, focusing on applied research in learning technology. His research interests span knowledge and data-driven AI models, generative AI, and personalisation in digital media, with applications in education and healthcare.  Professor Wade has published over 350 scientific papers, received numerous awards, and secured significant research funding.  

Learnovate AI Research Working Groups – Ian O’Keeffe Research fellow, Technology Lead, Learnovate

Panel Discussion – Redefining Educational Paradigms: Harnessing Generative AI for Enhanced Learning and Industry Applications

Chair: Nessa McEniff, Centre Director, Learnovate

Dr. Esther Murphy, Research Fellow, Lead for Technology & Innovation, Trinity College Dublin

Mark Jordan, Chief Strategy Officer, Skillnet Ireland

Eamonn Linehan Principal Engineer Learning Team, Workday

Date, Duration & How to Join

Date: 22 May 2024

Duration: 08:45 – 11:00 GMT

Location: Tangent, Trinity Business School, 182 Pearse Street D02 F6N2 Dublin 2

Cost: Free

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