You can get funding support to access our resources and expertise in order to address a problem or explore an opportunity for your business.

Our team can help you explore business opportunities in digital learning or examine challenges in applying technology in learning. We identify funding options for your organisation and help you to apply.

Direct Funded

Direct funding is the best option for companies who want a quick start on their project. The organisation pays Learnovate for the cost of the project directly, and owns any intellectual property generated from the project. Find out about the services we offer.


Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Vouchers are a source of funding for SMEs to finance an initial €5K project. Your company pays only the VAT for the project (€1,150) and any intellectual property created during the project is owned by your company.


IDA Ireland Innovation Vouchers

IDA Ireland Innovation Vouchers are available to companies with an Irish presence of less than 200 people, who want to research a new product or process with Learnovate. The voucher value is €5k.


Innovation Partnerships

Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Programme encourages Irish-based companies to access the expertise and resources of universities to develop new and improved products, processes and services. Innovation Partnerships cover up to 80 per cent of project costs. Intellectual property created through the project will be owned by Learnovate with the applicant company guaranteed a licence to the technology, agreed upfront.

If you are already supported by Enterprise Ireland or IDA Ireland, you may be eligible to participate.


H2020 EU Funding

European-funded support which comes in many streams. Typically Horizon 2020 support involves a number of partners (both companies and academic institutions) from across Europe. Projects are usually large scale and some funding is required from the applicant company.