To maximise your chances of achieving the results your business needs, Learnovate’s proprietary Impact Led Innovation framework draws on aspects of Design Thinking and Lean Innovation to de-risk your new initiatives.

Offer 1

Learnovate Innovation Risk Audit

(2-4 Weeks)

Our diagnostic tool will capture your own thinking and assumptions about your idea and the impact you intend. The report and followup workshop will generate insights into where you need to focus attention to minimise risk and maximise success.

 • Diagnostic Questionnaire

•  Diagnostic Interview/workshop

Offer 2

Analyse, Optimise and Prioritise

(4-6 Weeks)

When you have identified the areas where Learnovate expertise can best contribute to your success, our methodology helps clarify how best to test and validate your riskiest assumptions while you still have room to pivot.

•  The 5 Key Questions

•  Innovation Consulting toolkit

•  Edtech domain & market expertise

Offer 3

Demand-led Development

(6+ Weeks)

Learnovate will take you and your product idea out of the building to iterate multiple rapid prototypes with real customers.

•  Qualitative & Quantitative tools sets

•  Structured problem & Solution interviews

•  Range of quantitative tests: smoke tests, AB tests etc


Our demand-led principles and processes ensure our research projects solve more, better problems for Learnovate member companies and their customers.
All research at Learnovate is applied in nature, so it is less about demonstrating a technology or educational model in isolation but rather applying them in authentic contexts. Taking this approach to research, novelty and innovation come from the way in which technologies are linked together to solve specific problems.
To find out more about upcoming and ongoing projects, visit our members page.