Membership of the Learnovate Centre shall be open to commercial and industrial undertakings with an interest in the field of learning technologies and relevant academic institutions. 


Each Member shall on being admitted to the Learnovate Centre assign a named member of staff as its authorised representative for the purpose of engagement with the Learnovate.


It is acknowledged that new members will be invited to participate in the activities of the Learnovate Centre in various roles with a view to the furtherance of the strategic objectives of the Learnovate Centre.


An Industry Member may request the Industry Steering Board to restrict a Prospective Member’s participation in and/or access to information or Intellectual Property relating to the relevant Project where there is a potential conflict of interest. To do so email the Centre Director:


Cessation of Membership: A Member may at any time resign its membership of the Learnovate Centre by giving notice in writing of not less than 60 days to that effect by email via 


Membership Fees: Membership is an annual subscription, which is due 30 days from issue of invoice. Failure to pay will result in a revoking of membership. 


Keep Confidential: Members agree with each of the other Members that they shall keep confidential and shall not use, disclose, copy, or modify any Learnovate Centre Information except:

(a) for the purpose of carrying out its obligations under any Research Programme.

(b) for the purpose of performing its obligations and exercising its rights under Learnovate Centre bye-laws or any relevant Member Agreement or Collaboration Agreement.

(c) as otherwise permitted by these bye-laws or the Hosting Contract; and/or 

(d) as otherwise permitted by the Director in writing and PROVIDED ALWAYS that no Member may disclose any Learnovate Centre Information to the extent it comprises any Intellectual Property of another Member without the prior approval of that Member and, in the case of Learnovate Centre Results, the Director unless such disclosure is permitted by these bye-laws or the relevant Member Agreement or Collaboration Agreement.

Employees & Agents: Each recipient may only disclose Learnovate Centre Information to those of its Personnel to whom, and to the extent to which, such disclosure is necessary for the exercise of its rights, and performance of its obligations, under these bye-laws or any relevant Member Agreement or Collaboration Agreement, and to procure that such persons are made aware of and agree to observe the obligations of confidentiality in Article 6.1.


Mandatory Disclosure: If a Member is required by law or by any court or order of any governmental or regulatory authority to disclose Learnovate Centre Information, it shall promptly notify the Director of receipt of notice of that requirement. The Learnovate Centre may, at its discretion and cost, assist in opposing any such disclosure.

Disclosure by the Director: Nothing in these Learnovate Centre bye-laws shall prevent the Director or the Host Institution from disclosing Learnovate Centre Information to any person who is not a Member to the extent that such disclosure is necessary for the proper discharge by them of their respective functions (including, without limitation, negotiations with potential new members or licensors for Learnovate Centre Results) PROVIDED ALWAYS that it shall procure that such persons are made aware of, and agree in writing to observe the obligations of confidentiality in the bye-laws and provided further that any disclosure of Learnovate Centre Information to a potential new member is notified in advance to the Members who are involved in the Project to which that Learnovate Centre Information relates.


Return of information: 

(a) Upon ceasing to be a Member (whether generally or in respect of an individual Member), the departing Member shall upon request of the Director, either return to the Director, or by agreement destroy, any and all Learnovate Centre Information which is in tangible form and in the possession of that Member, together with all copies thereof and extracts therefrom.

(b) Nothing in these bye-laws shall prevent any Member from retaining one copy of any Learnovate Centre Information to the extent such retention is required by law or rules of any stock exchange or regulatory authority to which that Member is subject provided always that the obligations of confidence imposed on that Member by these bye-laws shall continue to apply to any such information so retained.


Data Processing:

In becoming a member of the Learnovate Centre you agree to your contact details being stored to allow the Learnovate Centre to communicate with you on a regular basis to provide details on Learnovate Centre research. This might include but is not limited to the following: membership updates, membership newsletter, research collaboration opportunities, details on dissemination events.