Inside Learning Podcast with Peter Gillis – Motivation for Learning in a Digital World

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Peter Gillis is the Innovation Services Lead in Learnovate. He is currently developing his research on motivation and learning through the PhD programme at Trinity College Dublin.

In this episode he shares insights from his research into learner motivation including:

  • Motivation for blended/hybrid environments has different facets that should be considered .
  • For blended we should try to consider the two aspects of 1. designing environments that support, and also 2. have supports in place for those that are still not motivated.
  • We need to consider the three basic psychological needs of Autonomy (I am in control and under my own volition), Competence (the tasks are within my ability even if have to stretch) Relatedness ( opportunities to interact with appropriate others).


Peter is an experienced team lead, skilled in the practices of: innovation (JTBD, Lean Startup, Design Thinking), digital strategy, and strategy and corporate company management.  Peter is also a researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the EdTech research industry. He lectures on the psychology of learning on several masters programmes.

Peter holds a first-class honours degree in Psychology, the focus of his research was cognitive theory of multimedia learning. In 2012, he completed an MSc in Technology Enhanced Learning at Trinity College Dublin. His research interest is the interaction between motivation and technology-enhanced learning. Peter is currently developing his research on motivation and learning through the PhD programme at TCD.

Peter has over two decades commercial experience in the digital design and communications industry. He was Managing Director of one of the first multimedia agencies in Ireland working with blue-chip clients in Ireland and the US.

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