Inside Learning Podcast with Marc Ramos – Generative AI in Learning

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Cornerstone’s chief learning officer, Marc Ramos has created a 2×2 matrix for how people can think differently about generative AI. The matrix reviews applications for this technology through the lens of both risk and demand. Marc notes that in the category with low risk but high demand for this technology (copy editing, learning, marketing, code reviews etc.), we will see new ways to work with and learn from it happen fast. Corporate Learning falls right behind marketing in the low-risk/high-demand
quadrant, as both disciplines share the need to interpret consumer needs and behaviours and to communicate regularly and persuasively.

Marc believes that if Language Learning Models (LLMs) can be tailored to train on smaller pools of private corporate knowledge while retaining their conversational spark, much potential will be unlocked. Today, the answers can still be unhelpful and generic, even with expert instruction, and this is substantial because they are trained on generic, public-domain content. Customizable LLMs should, in
theory, be able to suck up the specifics and detail of a corporate learning and knowledge corpus and answer employees’ questions with much greater context. Fine-tuning an LLM is possible today, but it’s
too early to judge definitively that they will achieve the nuance without losing any other advantages.

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Marc Ramos is the Chief Learning Officer at Cornerstone. As a global learning leader with 25+ years’ experience with Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Novartis, Oracle and other global companies, Marc brings a unique and mission-critical perspective grounded on client success.

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