Inside Learning Podcast with Dr. Joanne Banks – Blended Learning Schools, a Universal Design Approach

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Inclusive education as a concept is elusive. No one definition exists, but instead much diversity in how we conceive and understand it. Ireland, like most countries, has an increasingly diverse student population where the ‘one size fits all’ curriculum cannot possibly work for everyone. By understanding student variability and identifying the barriers to learning as students navigate the education system, we can inform ways to create more inclusive learning environments for all.
We are joined by Dr Joanne Banks, who discusses the history of special education in Ireland and shares highlights of the Blended Learning in Schools: A Universal Design Approach (Erasmus+ UDL-BOE project). Find out more about the project here:


Dr Joanne Banks is an author, lecturer and researcher in inclusive education at the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. Joanne’s research interests are in the field of inclusive education and educational inequality. She has published widely on special and inclusive education policy and practice, school exclusion, and student diversity. She is the creator/presenter of the Inclusion Dialogue podcast series.

Joanne welcomes queries from prospective Masters and Ph.D. students who are interested in the following topics: inclusive education, disability and education, educational disadvantage and inequality, mixed methods, and Growing Up in Ireland data analysis.

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