Inside Learning Podcast with Janet Benson – Rethinking Remote Onboarding

Posted by Learnovate

The latest episode of Inside Learning focuses on one of Learnovate’s core projects –  Remote Onboarding with our very own in-house expert, Learning Lead & Senior Researcher Janet Benson.

In this episode, Janet and our host Aidan McCullen take an in-depth look at remote onboarding with lots of tips on how it should be done. With Janet’s background in L&D and her extensive research in this area over the last number of years, she brings insights that are relevant to all aspects of onboarding. Aidan also contributes his own experiences with his new hires and his own approach which he has honed over the years.

It is great to be able to get both practical advice as well as personal insights into this topic that is so prevalent in the working world today, and with some laughs along the way! If you are being onboarded or you are onboarding this is the podcast for you.


Janet holds a MSc. in Digital Education from the University of Edinburgh and undergraduate qualifications in Science from UCD (BSc.) and IT Sligo. Janet focused on game-based learning in the workplace as part of her MSc. Dissertation.

Janet brings over 15 years of industry experience to Learnovate. She has worked in Learning & Development with the Coca-Cola Company and Abbott Diagnostics Division, as well as implementing a number of innovative learning solutions as Education Manager with Lionbridge Technologies.

Her role in the Learnovate Centre is to work with clients and members to apply best practices in relation to learning theory and learning design.

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