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Ian Gibbs

The latest episode of our podcast, Inside Learning, features Ian Gibbs author of 4×4 Learning: The 4-step method to get 4-times more out of every book, talk or video you read, hear or watch for the rest of your life

This episode explores how adults learn and how you can learn more quickly and effectively. By harnessing learning techniques that work, you’ll be mentally equipped to get much more out of every book, talk or video you read, hear or watch. Aidan is also joined on this episode by researcher and adult learning expert Janet Benson from The Learnovate Centre.

Inside Learning explores the power of learning to unlock human potential and is hosted by author, speaker, coach and broadcaster Aidan McCullen.

Aidan interviews global experts in the science of learning and the future of work to educate, entertain and inform us all on the power of learning.

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About Ian Gibbs

With a degree in Astrophysics from St. Andrews, Scotland and a Postgrad in Education from Cambridge, England, Ian Gibbs is the author of The Sorites Principle, Learning A Language, 23 Tips To Learn Stuff Better, 23 Tips To Get Better Grades and ebook 4×4 Learning. He is the Head of Learning at Advantage Executive Training and the president of the Professional Speakers’ Association of Spain.

Ian has helped thousands of people of all ages become more effective learners through workshops and presentations on Learning Skills. His clients include IESE Business School, ADP, Institut Montgròs, EOI Guinardó, UP! Training Club, IES Picasso, Col.legi Sagrada Familia, MD2MD, Bloom (Canada), HP Sant Cugat and Smart Coaching & Training.

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