Learnovate is an industry-led centre of excellence for research and innovation in learning technologies

Why do we do what we do?

Learning technology has long held the promise to have transformative impact on the lives of learners.  But it has consistently under-delivered on this promise.  At Learnovate we combine our extensive domain expertise with our unique demand-led framework to deliver tangible impact for our customers.


Learnovate deploys a demand-led framework designed to optimise the impact and effectiveness of innovation initiatives. We help our clients focus on evidence of customer and user demand to minimise the risk of project failure and maximise the chance of delivering something that customers will genuinely value and use.


What do we do?

We offer strategic research and innovation services to companies that develop learning technologies and companies that acquire and use learning technologies.  On the supply-side, we help our clients design and develop products and services that have tangible impact on their customers and users.  On the demand-side, we help companies achieve their strategic goals by leveraging learning technologies effectively.

Learnovate member companies are at the forefront of learning technologies.

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