As a fundamental part of our mandate from Enterprise Ireland and IDA we undertake core research projects each year. The projects are designed in collaboration with our industry members. We listen to current challenges facing our members and research innovations that can provide solutions. In the majority of cases we develop the innovations to demonstrator stage. A demonstrator is working technology that can be used for trials to prove the concept being researched. The technology is not product ready but contains the intellectual property (IP) required for any of our partners to develop into a full working product or service.
The Generator service provides access to this IP to our members through licence agreements. The research will have provided evidence that the concept is valid and therefore licencing the IP significantly reduces the risk of adopting the innovation. To make the process accessible licence agreements are run centrally through Learnovate irrespective of the involvement of our other academic partners. The licence will usually be non-exclusive and focused either on domain or territory.

If you would like to know more about the opportunities Generator can provide to your organization please arrange to call in and we will be happy to discuss our research with you. To review our core research projects to date please go to our research page.