Expert Panel

Learnovate is one of Europe’s leading research and innovation centres in learning technologies. Learnovate maximises impact for our members and clients by combining and leveraging our research expertise with a customer-led methodology and a purpose-led focus on improving the lives of learners.

Learnovate’s impact-­led approach to innovation means quickly evaluating the potential of an idea and learning from the process. Consequently, our traditional model of core project approval has been updated. Our team of world class researchers and industry experts now come together to pitch early stage ideas and complete a month of investigation into them which we call a Phase 1 ‘Thinking’ project.

The outputs of these projects can help industry partners make strategic business decisions around learning technology and allow Learnovate to determine if an idea is worth exploring with further, more in-­depth research.

As a Member of Learnovate, your company has the opportunity to influence the direction of research projects into areas that are relevant to the challenges facing your organisation and the wider sector you operate within.

We’d like your input through participation in our Expert Panel for the selection of ideas that are granted limited funding to be explored for one month

What’s in it for me and my organisation?

As a member of the Expert Panel you will gain insights into the wide range of topics and trends that Learnovate sees in the broader edTech sector. In addition, by having early access to the emerging project ideas, you have the first opportunity to get your organisation actively involved in participation
with projects that resonate with your specific challenges and needs.

What do I have to do?

Using our online tool, review a short (1 page) idea pitch and score it, according to the guidance that will be provided. You will also have the opportunity to enter text-­based feedback to the Learnovate team on the idea. No meetings, no phone calls, just a simple scoring and that’s it.

How much time will it take up?

About 10-­15mins per idea proposed.
How many will I be reviewing?
Ideas are submitted on a rolling basis, so you’ll receive a notification when one is ready to be reviewed. We ask that you score the idea within 2 weeks.

Who will see my scoring?

The full Learnovate team. The feedback on project approvals will be shared so we can learn from feedback and improve what we are submitting and potentially re-­submit ideas.

What is the approval process?

Idea approval requires an average score of 7+ out of 10 across three of four criteria: Customer, Problem, Solution, and Opportunity. Scores from at least four members of our Expert Panel will be required for a project to be approved.

Approved ideas go into an ‘idea bank’, we won’t necessarily work on them right away as it is dependent on staff capacity. When there is internal capacity, the approved idea will be researched for a duration of one month. The findings will be shared on the Membership area of the Learnovate

Some ideas may only produce a White Paper to expand Members knowledge of an area in eLearning and Technology and go no further. However, those projects that have a potential for broader impact will be progressed to the Central Steering Committee (CSC) for Phase 2 approval to validate identified problems through deeper investigation, potentially leading to a Phase 3 development process where we would build a full solution demonstrator.

How will I know if something has been approved or not?

Once the idea has been approved, or not, a notification will be send to both the person who submitted the idea and all Experts who took part in the review and approval. An overview of submitted, approved and live idea investigations will also be presented at Learnovate’s quarterly CSC meeting.

I’m in! Now what.

Great, please email and we’ll set you up. You will receive a notification when an idea is submitted for review.

Thanks from the Learnovate Team

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