Rob Fitzpatrick is a tech entrepreneur of 10 years, YC alum, and programmer-turned-salesperson. He’s run companies in both the US and UK, bootstrapped and funded, successful and failed. He’s the author of The Mom Test, a practical handbook on how to talk to customers when everyone is lying to you

At Learning Tech Ireland 2017

Keynote Topic: How to learn from customers when everyone is lying to you
Learning from customers is critical for building new products, but customer feedback is notoriously unreliable, especially pre-launch when it matters most. We’ll look at how to separate the fluffy compliments from the real data (and buying signals), ensuring you get more value out of the time you spend learning from and selling to your customers. With Rob Fitzpatrick, author of The Mom Test.

Preparing for (and fixing) your customer learning.
Without solid customer understanding, making new products and features is an expensive shot in the dark. Building on Rob’s earlier talk, we’ll be going into more detail about running the process of talking to customers, all the way from open-ended learning through to closing your first major sales. We’ll debug your recent meetings to find any major mistakes and will put in place the foundations to ensure you get maximum learning without wasting any time.