Ms. Chadbourne is the owner of Chadbourne Consulting, a company specializing in designing and implementing futuristic workforce planning and analytics solutions for global organizations. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Chadbourne Consulting has worked with client groups supporting industries in banking, technology, financial services, retail, healthcare and nonprofit organizations.

As a thought leader in workforce planning and analytics, Ms. Chadbourne brings over 25 years experience in strategic planning, analytics, human resources and workforce planning to help clients develop sustainable workforce planning programs. Her “out of the box” thinking style has helped organizations embrace non-traditional views of workforce planning to meet future challenges.

In addition to her consulting experience, Ms. Chadbourne has served in various senior leadership positions at Ingersoll Rand, Bank of America, First Union/Wachovia, WorldCom, Panda Motors Corporate and Magnavox Government Systems.

Ms. Chadbourne served as workgroup leader for the SHRM taskforce responsible for developing ANSI standards for WFP. She also serves as a team member on the ISO standards committee responsible for developing global standards for HR