European Competitively Funded Research

In addition to our Enterprise Ireland funded core research program, Learnovate actively participates in competitively funded research projects such as those funded through the EU Horizon 2020 program. This allows Learnovate to apply its expertise in learning technology to new problems and contexts while working with the best international researchers and companies from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The knowledge and expertise developed through participation in these projects can be applied by Learnovate as part of the industry focused core research program, allowing our members to take full advantage of the latest research in the field.


New tools, frameworks and practices for non-formal STEM learning programmes. Funded by EU Horizon 2020.


Helping learners to adapt their skill assets to the demands of the labour market.

Gaming for Peace (GAP)

Innovative soft skills development through a multiple player online role playing game.


An adaptive learning environment that dynamically tailors learning opportunities and career paths.