What might your devices say about your emotional state?

As developing emotional awareness become a focus in the workplace, companies are exploring wearable devices with applications that attempt to detect changes in emotional states. 

Blind Spot – How Culture Impacts Communication

Nowhere is effective communication more urgent than safety-critical industries such as nuclear power plants, offshore oil platforms, rail transport and commercial aviation. Find out how effective assessment and development of culturally-aware communication skills reduce the risk of human error in safety-critical and mission-critical environments.

Are HR and L&D missing a trick? Machine learning for corporate learning and performance

There is a gap in the adoption of machine learning in HR and (L&D). As artificial intelligence (AI) and ML transform businesses and disrupt sectors, we ask why these key functions have remained relatively immune. We explore the benefits of ML for attracting and retaining top talent, managing skills and performance and improving employee satisfaction.

Changing Minds – A Conceptual Framework for Relational Cognition

How many times do we check our phones for a text, email, shared link, or photo? Some of these moments of attention are based on alerts, others are habitual checking for updates. How do our minds adapt to today's constant shifting of focus?

The Questionable Relation with Individual and Organizational Learning

Let’s start with a silly question: why should organizations invest time and money (resources) in their individual employees’ learning? Well, the assumption is that this learning helps facilitate change and innovation so that the organization…