“We’ve been able to validate assumptions about the design of our app and we now have a clear understanding of how we can take our idea to market”.

Stephen Griffiths, Zelfio's co-founder

Project Duration:
26th August 2021 - 3rd November 2022

Soft Skills

About the Zelfio project

Zelfio and Learnovate have been working together since September 2021 exploring ways to enhance Zelfio’s digital coaching app.

About Zelfio

Zelfio is an Irish start-up that has developed a digital self-development app that provides expert daily coaching in a way that fits around the user’s life. The app guides users through impactful self-development techniques so they can realise the changes they need to better manage their work-life, home-life and relationships. Zelfio is building a digital platform that provides coaching for those unable to access traditional face-to-face coaching due to cost or time pressures.

The Problem

Zelfio contacted Learnovate looking for expert advice in the design and development of their app with a particular focus on providing a user experience that feels truly personalised, provides continuous insights, and motivates the user by keeping them engaged with their personal development journey.

The Research 

Learnovate worked with the Zelfio team to examine how evidence-based research could be used in developing some of the key functionality of their solution such as how users are on-boarded and assessed in the app. Using the team’s expertise in Learning Design and User Experience, Learnovate were able to make clear recommendations on how the app could be enhanced. 

Some of this work involved the use of Learnovate’s Innovation Services to map the Zelfio user journey, as well as UX expertise to make recommendations based on design heuristics. Some of these interesting pieces of work involved research into strengths-based models, habit-forming techniques and encouraging self-empowerment through technology.

Speaking of Zelfio’s experience of working with Learnovate, co-founder Stephen Griffiths said: “We use Learnovate for bouncing ideas off to explore whether a particular way of working was supported by learning science.”

The Result

Using design thinking and innovation processes, the Learnovate team worked with Zelfio to remodel and improve their app. An example of this was the re-design of the assessment tool that now adapts the questions in real-time asked based on the user’s responses.

Learnovate gave Zelfio specialised knowledge and expertise at a crucial point in their start-up ‘life cycle’. According to Stephen: “We’ve been able to validate assumptions about the design of our app and we now have a clear understanding of how we can take our idea to market”.

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