“We found working with Learnovate very beneficial and, overall, it’s been a great experience.”

Cormac Noonan, Co-Founder, Head of Business Development

Project Duration: Nov 2021 - Feb 2022

Accelerated Digital Transformation

About the Wolf Academy Project

Wolf Academy has a range of courses aimed at young people, from mental health awareness and ‘managing your mind’ to performance improvement, to help them to discover and create who they are. Learnovate worked with the personas of the Wolf Academy learners to identify how to motivate and engage them on their learning journey.

About Wolf Academy

Wolf Academy was set up to inspire and empower young people to connect with and become their true selves. 

They offer a range of services including interactive group workshops, motivational talks and online wellbeing courses aimed primarily at 15 to 18 year olds.

The Problem

Wolf Academy was introduced to Learnovate by Enterprise Ireland with a view to carrying out a review of the design of Wolf Academy’s online courses and educational offerings.

After an initial Jobs-To-Be-Done (JTBD) workshop, Learnovate worked with the Wolf Academy team to create a series of learner personas corresponding to the different target audiences which Wolf Academy are aiming to work with. 

A baseline learner persona was established with Learnovate working with Wolf Academy to generate a number of sub-personas with particular characteristics and specific goals that Wolf Academy could address through their particular offerings.

This gave the Wolf Academy a better understanding of how to tailor their product offering for different students, based on their needs, motivations and barriers.

The Research

Learnovate conducted a review of both the learning design and user design of the digital learning content after which a number of recommended enhancements were presented to the Wolf Academy team.

Based on the evidence from the research, Learnovate were able to propose incorporating a number of learning design concepts (such as gamification) aimed at improving the overall learning experience and increasing learner motivation and engagement.

Learnovate recommended including or enhancing particular elements aimed at engaging the Wolf Academy learners such as feedback, increased interaction with the materials, and follow-on guidance.

Speaking of Wolf Academy’s experience of working with Learnovate, co-founder Cormac Noonan said: “We found working with Learnovate very beneficial and, overall, it’s been a great experience.”

The Result

Wolf Academy are designing their next set of online resources taking into account the recommendations from the Learnovate report.

The learner journey now begins with a generic course aimed at all students after which they can choose from a list of follow-on courses depending on which one they feel matches their personality. 

These courses are now also available for purchase by parents or teachers thereby opening up a potential new revenue stream. 

According to Cormac: “We’ve been able to use the research report from Learnovate to enhance the design of our online courses and make them more engaging”.