“As industry experts, Learnovate can always be called on for validation and guidance on the direction your business needs to take.”

Rosie Mansfield, Managing Director

Project Duration: November 2020 - June 2021

Soft Skills

About the Premier TEFL Project

The Learnovate proposed work aims to add value to the Premier TEFL model by the online course offering and improving its positioning and development strategies through unbiased, structured, gathering of intelligence from defined target customers. The research seeks to further validate the Premier TEFL offering and potentially add to it through customer/learner insights for future development.

About Premier TEFL

With more than 30 years of combined experience in the English teaching and TEFL space, Premier TEFL offers fully accredited options for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Certification, international teaching jobs, and amazing TEFL internships all over the world.

The Problem

For a number of years, Premier TEFL have been delivering a certified Level 5 course, however they wished to review this learning programme to ensure it was delivering the best possible experience for their students.

They approached the Learnovate Centre and explained that they wanted an expert opinion on the learning design and the learner experience as well as guidance on how to ‘future proof’ their learning programme.

The Research 

Over the course of six months, the Learnovate team brought Premier TEFL through the full cycle of Learnovate’s Innovation Services process. 

This began with a Service Mapping workshop where the learner journey was mapped out and examined in detail. In addition, Learnovate also analysed the data from a survey of Premier TEFL students to gain a clear understanding of the learner profile.  

Following this, a Jobs-To-Be-Done workshop was conducted to delve further into the learner profile and identify their needs, challenges and motivations.

Finally, a Solution Workshop was used to design a ‘paper prototype’ of what an enhanced version of Premier TEFL’s learning programme might look like. This prototype was then presented to a sample of students for validation and refinement. 

Crucially for Premier TEFL, the Learnovate team were able to provide valuable insights into how learners were experiencing their learning programme as well as make clear recommendations on how to improve their product offering.

 In the words of Rosie Mansfield, Premier TEFL’s Managing Director: “We got tangible information that we can use to improve the learner experience”.

The Result

For Premier TEFL, the validation from the Learnovate team that their learning programme broadly aligned to both the requirements of the student but also the evidence from learning science has given the team a renewed sense of purpose.

They now understand that simply adding elements to their learning programme can be a pointless exercise unless it is backed up by research and evidence.

Following their collaboration with Learnovate, Premier TEFL have used the project outputs to redesign their learning programme to ensure it offers the excellent learning experience which the company aims to deliver.

On the benefit of working with Learnovate, Rosie Mansfield explains: “As industry experts, Learnovate can always be called on for validation and guidance on the direction your business needs to take.”