CASE STUDY: Courts Service of Ireland

Name, role of company

About the Courts Service of Ireland

The Courts Service has responsibility for the administration and management of the courts in the Republic of Ireland. The Learning and Development team in the Courts Service provide both technical and developmental training courses to over one thousand Courts staff.

The Problem

As part of the organisation’s move from 100% classroom-based delivery to an 80% digital / 20% classroom model, the Courts Service wanted to validate that the design and development of their digital learning content was aligned with best practice.

A particular challenge involved a redesign of the classroom learning programmes to break them down into smaller ‘chunks’ of learning for the digital learning platform.

The Research 

This project involved an initial Service Mapping workshop to take an x-ray snapshot of the Courts Service online offering. This mapped the current course delivery in terms of activities and learner experience and assisted in identifying those elements most suitable for ‘digital transformation’ or to be moved to online delivery. 

It also enabled the Learnovate researchers to conduct focused research and provided the foundation to roadmap and pilot the reinvention of the experience and the creation of new offering.

The Result

As a result of their collaboration with Learnovate, the Courts Services were able to validate the overall design of their digital learning content and also identify areas for improvement..

According to Richard Kelly, one of the Learning and Development team in the Courts Services: The work conducted by Learnovate has given us the assurance that we are doing things correctly.