The Learnovation Summit 2020

Livestream Help

Close down other applications

If you are having issues with the livestream please close down any other applications running on your device and refresh the livestreaming page.

Choose your browser wisely

We recommend using Google Chrome (PC) or Safari (Mac) as your browser of choice to watch the livestream and join the chat. Other browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox, are not optimised to support the livestream or chat box and may not function correctly.

Go big or go landscape

If you are watching the livestream on a smartphone or tablet please ensure the device is in landscape rather than portrait position to access all livestream features.

Shutdown Video Conferencing

Make sure Microsoft Teams and any other video conferencing applications are not running.

Stop broadband hogs

If your internet seems slow, please ask members of your household to desist from bingeing Netflix or any other streaming services such as Amazon Prime or BBC iPlayer.

Banish gamers to sunlight

If your connection is still slow, make sure kids are not playing Fortnite or Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch or other online games on PS4, Xbox or any other devices.

It’s not you, it’s us…

You can eliminate your connection as the cause by watching the 24/7 NASA livestream. The audio should play smoothly and the picture quality should be constant without glitching. If you watch the NASA livestream with no problems but you still have issues with our event livestream, please contact us and let us know.

Login Help

You login with your email address

Make sure you log in with the email address that you registered with in Eventbrite.

Use the password in the email you received

You received an email with the password to use to login. If you  can’t find the email, check your spam folder or promotions tab (for personal gmail addresses) or email

Access Livestream

Visit the Events Page to access the Livestream

Still need help?

Get in touch – we’re here to help…