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About LearnUpon

LearnUpon LMS helps businesses unlock the power of learning. Combining user-focused technology and industry-leading expertise, LearnUpon enables businesses to deliver impactful training that fuels employee, partner, and customer success.

LearnUpon’s powerful platform is designed to unify, coordinate, and streamline training delivery to multiple audiences, adding real value to businesses.

Businesses can use LearnUpon’s cloud-based LMS for different training types including employee and customer onboarding, employee development, product training, compliance training, selling training and more. With configurable Learning Portals built into the platform from the start, businesses have the power to create unique learning environments for each audience.

With a global team and a solution that processes hundreds of thousands of enrollments every day, over 1,000 businesses all around the world trust LearnUpon to deliver their enterprise-level training initiatives.

Notable customers include Premier Game Match Official, Hillarys, Zendesk, Logitech, and Twilio.

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About Akari Software

The Akari Value Proposition: Akari transforms curriculum into a digital asset and insights, streamlining processes, empowering academics, enabling learner success and institutional sustainability.

Akari Software are a Higher Education software company, specialising in the development of software to support Curriculum Design processes and Curriculum Mapping processes and the leading curriculum management solution provider in the EMEA and APAC regions.

The Akari Curriculum Management solution is a comprehensive, easy-to-use on-line software for managing the design, delivery, publication, cost-effectiveness and quality of information on education programmes and their attendant documentation.

Developed with HEI partners, the software manages workflow for developing, editing, approval and publication of modules and programmes including workload, learning outcomes, materials & exam requirements, underpinned by seamless integration and business intelligence capabilities.

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About Folens

Folens have been working in the education sector in Ireland for 60 years producing schoolbooks and digital products for primary and post-primary subjects, that match the blended learning needs of teachers and students.

With every book comes a range of digital teaching materials such as eBooks, interactive resources, lesson plans, videos, student podcasts and much more. Together these books and resources form a complete programme to support teachers and students.

Folens vision is to make great learning easy.

About Cobblestone Learning

Cobblestone Learning are an award-winning eLearning company. Their team of designers improve workplace performance via customised eLearning courses and programmes. They work with their client’s existing information, staff and subject matter experts to create relevant courses, tailored to their unique businesses and needs. 

Cobblestone Learning’s purpose is to create positive change through learning. They do this by being experts in learning design. They provide their clients with learning solutions that are creative and impactful.

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About Aurion Learning

Aurion Learning are first and foremost learning and development specialists. Founded in 2000 by Dr Maureen Murphy they have a simple and clear vision – to create learning that works. Everything they do stems from that vision.

With decades of combined learning, technical and creative experience, they work with organisations to deliver the very best learning experience that aligns with the organisations goals and their learners.

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